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HELIX - Bastard Of The Blues

US Release : PERR4912

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Kaleb Duck (guitar, vocals)
Daryl Gray (bass, vocals, keyboards)
Brian Vollmer (vocals)
Chris Julke (guitar, vocals)
Gregory "Fritz" Hinz (drums)
Produced by: Aaron Murray
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
The biggest heavy metal band in Canadian history! With a catalogue of music that spans a history of over 30 years. With 5 gold and 2 platinum albums under their belt and millions of records sold around the world, we see HELIX release their 13th studio album, not counting several live CDs and numerous compilation albums this year called "Bastard Of The Blues". Written primarily with Sean Kelly, the CD is a continuation of 2008's "Vagabond Bones" and also contains two songs from the follow-up EP "Skin in the Game." It's now been six years since Kelly and Vollmer combined writing forces, and it shows. The songs are more focused and bigger sounding, the lyrics more concise and catchy. The song "Bastard of the Blues" describes Helix music to a "T"-the unholy co-mingling of blues and rock and roll to produce the bastard child heavy metal; at least the variety Helix has been kicking out for close to 40 years now. The track "Screaming at the Moon" also features Nick Walsh of Slic Toxic (a platinum selling Canadian metal band) on back-up vocals. Helix will be on a Europe tour including Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark later this year. The last time Helix toured Europe was with KISS in 1983 and in 1988 with Ian Gillan. Helix also appeared in Sweden June of 2005 at the Sweden Rock Festival. Helix is already booked on 2015's MONSTERS OF ROCK BOAT CRUISE with some of the biggest and brightest metal/hard rock stars of the 80s'.
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