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HELIX - Rockin' In My Outer Space

US Release : PERR5282

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Dan Faucett (guitar)
Jeff Fountain (bass)
Brian Vollmer (vocals)
Shawn Sanders (guitar)
Archie Gamble (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
A 2016 Re-Issue CD with new artwork including different photos in CD booklet. This is a limited pressing of only 500 CDs. ROCKIN' IN MY OUTER SPACE was a transitional CD for Helix. Original members Brent Doerner had left the band in 1989, Paul Hackman had been killed in a freak accident returning from tour in 1992, Greg "Fritz" Hinz had moved to Florida, and Daryl Gray had left the band to pursue his own musical career. That left only Brian Vollmer to continue on with Helix... At the time Vollmer was playing with a weekend band called "7 Year Itch", comprised of Tony Paleschi (bass), Rob Long (drums), and Bill Gadd (lead guitar). Together they had written Vollmer's first solo CD "When Pigs Fly", released around 1999. This writing relationship continued with ROCKIN' IN MY OUTER SPACE, even though none of these individuals were in the live Helix touring band. That band consisted of Shawn Sanders & Dan Faucett (guitars), Jeff Fountain (bass), and Archie Gamble (drums) intially, although there were many "hired guns" through this period: Brian Doerner (who originally played on the band's first indie release Breaking Loose) and Rainer and Cindy Weichmann (who joined the band briefly when they played Sweden Rock and the Alice Cooper Tour). The last time Helix toured Europe was with KISS in 1983 and in 1988 with Ian Gillan. Helix also appeared in Sweden June of 2005 at the Sweden Rock Festival. Helix appeared on the 2015's MONSTERS OF ROCK BOAT CRUISE with some of the biggest and brightest metal/hard rock stars of the 80s'.
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