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HELIX - Walkin The Razors Edge

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Brian Vollmer (vocals)
Brent Doerner (guitar, vocals)
Daryl Gray (bass, vocals)
Paul Hackman (guitar, vocals)
Greg Hinz (drums)
Produced by: Tom Treumuth
Engineered by: Dave Wittman
Mixed by : Rodney Mills
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig
Remastered by: Jon Astley
"WITH THEIR debut major label album 'No Rest For The Wicked' racking up healthy sales and great reviews, Helix forged a reputation as one of the hottest young Canadian rock bands to have emerged in the early eighties. Their fire brand blend of hot rock, ear shattering riffs and shout-it-out-loud hooks made them not only radio/MTV friendly but also a must see in-concert experience. 'Walkin' The Razor's Edge', originally released in 1984, marks a step up for the band in terms of both production and song content. Tracks such as 'Young And Wreckless', 'When The Hammer Falls', 'Animal House' 'Rock You' (written by Bob Halligan Jnr) and a genuine Canadian hit single in '(Make Me Do) Anything You Want', showcase a band revved up and ready to rock, taking it to the people with endless road work, including tour dates with Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Krokus, W.A.S.P., Rush and Motorhead to name just a few. Revaluating this album 25 years down the road, one is immediately struck by the bands penchant for keeping the energy level firmly in the red zone. History may have dictated that other acts of a similar nature may have out sold Helix, few, however, made music of such lasting quality."
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