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HELLSPRAY - Part Of The Solution

US Release : PERR3832

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Anders Moberg (vocals)
Mattias Rydell (guitar)
Janusz Fursa (guitar)
Nilo Kovacic (bass)
Johan Häll (drums)
Produced by: Hellspray
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Hellspray
Mastered by: tbd
The Hellsprayers are no new-comers to the Hard-rock 'n' Metal scene but have been playing for the most part of their lives in various band constellations. The musical influences are wildly spread and ranges from hard rock and pop of the 70-ties to modern rock, and metal of today. However, Dio and Black Sabbath are some common influences. The Hellspray sound emphasis on the best parts of classical and modern metal with a progressive touch, Or as the Hellsprayers would explain it "Ultra ass-kicking guitar-licks and vocals from hell!" To date Hellspray has recorded two EP: s which has been followed up by gigs around Sweden. "Sweden Rock Festival" to name one Together with Perris Records, Hellspray are now ready for the release of the new album "Part of the Solution"
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