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Iain Ashley Hersey (guitar)
Jeremy Teramion (keyboards)
Dante Marchi (vocals)
Marvin Sperling (bass)
Pat Regan (keyboards)
Mike Stone (vocals)
Paul Shortino (vocals)
Jimmy Griego (drums)
Dave Sutton (bass)
Jim Austin (keyboards)
Produced by : Pat Regan and Joe Seta
Mastered by : Brad Vance

Originally growing up in a small New England town, Iain started playing guitar at 12. Influenced early on by the burgeoning British Rock/Blues invasion at the time, he cut his teeth on the likes of Clapton, Beck, Page and Bloomfield, and later the heavier rock bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin & Mountain. High school years were spent with very little interest in school but a fierce determination to master the instrument. He formed his own incarnations of Blues/rock type bands, performing everywhere he could. When he was 18 a studio owner was impressed enough to offer a spec deal in his 24 track studio to one of his bands, which was writing heavy progressive rock tunes. He later enrolled in Boston's Berklee College of Music and for the next two years he absorbed himself in Harmony Theory, Music Composition, and the challenges of Jazz improvisation. Later on he moved to New York City, where Iain put together a band and focused on writing and recording more than ever. While there he had a brief association with Ronnie James Dio and made a spec deal at The Power Station. With the marriage over, he accepted an invitation from an old home-town friend (a vocalist then living in Sacramento), packed up the bags and headed off to California, moving finally to LA. Seeking to gain a foothold, he went from bar star to student, and spent a year at GIT Hollywood's Musician's Institute. But it wasn't in vain: not only did he get to hang out with and learn from some of the leading jazz/fusion players (including Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale). More importantly he landed a gig teaching there. He next formed his own original rock band called Outcaste (which actually sowed the seeds for this endeavor- the current Fallen Angel CD). He also got involved with other artists, this time in both in the studio and the stage (Angel, The Barbarian Brothers). Other recent things including playing and recording with Louis Johnson, a guest track which he co-wrote on the new Stuart Smith album "Heaven and Earth" and some tracks on Paul Shortino's latest CD "Stand or Fall" with whom he's also played exstensively around LA. "Fallen Angel" is Iain's debut as solo artist and features well known musicians like Marvin Sperling on bass (Stuart Smith, Aliens Of Extraordinary Ability), Pat Regan on keyboards (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Mr.Big - he also handles production duties) and Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot) who sings on "Hold On". Other musicians include Dante Marchi and Mike Stone on vocals, Jimmy Griego on drums, Dave Sutton on bass and Jim Austin on keyboards.

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