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HORAKANE "Eternal Infinity"

European Import : FRCD091

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Tony O'Hora (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards)
Jamie O'Kane(drums)
Produced by: Tony O'Hora
Engineered by: Kelly Hansen
Mixed by: Kelly Hansen and Jay Schellen
Mastered by: Roland Clarke
Horakane is a studio project made up of two talented and well known British musicians. Tony O'Hora is the "Hora" part and is better known as the singer of Praying Mantis. The "Kane" part of the name comes from skilled guitar player Jamie Kane. The two of them actually met in 1988 but it wasn't until the mid nineties that started working together and demoing material which finally saw the light of day on "Eternal Infinity", released for the first time in Japan by Pony Canyon in 1999. After the storming success of Praying Mantis' "Nowhere To Hide" album, released on Frontiers Records in October 2000, the label decided to sign Horakane for a continental release in order to keep the fans happy before the new Mantis studio album (foreseen for the spring 2002) comes out. Horakane is a straightforward melodic heavy metal album with influences ranging from the classic Judas Priest style to more American influenced sounds such as Dokken & Winger plus the typical melodic sensibility of Praying Mantis. Appearing on the album as guests are Steve McKenna from TEN and Brian Dixon from CATHEDRAL, while all keyboards and production duties are supplied by Ivan Gunn (ex Balance of Power, now with melodic rockers Pride). Also appearing as special guest on the album is Praying Mantis's guitar player Tino Troy.
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