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HUGHES/THRALL - Hughes/Thrall

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Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass)
Pat Thrall (guitar, synthesizer)
Gary Ferguson (drums)
Frankie Banali (drums)
Gary Mallaber (drums)
Peter Schless (keyboards)
Produced by: Andy Johns, Hughes/Thrall, and Rob Fraboni
Engineered by: Andy Johns, Tim Kramer
Mixed by : Andy Johns
Mastered by: Bob Carbonne
Remastered by: Jon Astley
"WHEN DEP PURPLE finally collapsed under a blanket of fatigue and insurrection in mid-1976, all bets were off as to which members would fly phoenix-like from the wreckage. Fully loaded with talent, Purple was a breeding ground for a significant amount of lofty and successful spin-off projects, including Whitesnake, Rainbow and Gillan. But it wasn't until 1982, following a couple of low-key solo projects, that bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes would resurface with a unit that would (quite rightly) stop the rock world in its tracks… Teaming up with highly respected guitarist Pat Thrall (previously a member of jazz fusionists Automatic Man and the whiskey-snortin' Pat Travers Band), the duo joined forces under the 'Hughes/Thrall' banner - an early-'80s collaboration that would go on to deliver an album that has seen its 'legendary/all-time great' status increase by leaps & bounds as the years have rolled by. Full-bloodedly produced by the seasoned (and equally legendary) Andy Johns, a sometimes gun-totin' Brit whose credits also include Free, Led Zeppelin & Van Halen, the record received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception on release, basking in clear-cut melodies, razor-sharp guitar chops, edgy production and some of the best songs this side of a Journey or Foreigner album. The icing on the cake? Why, Glenn Hughes, of course. The voice of rock has never sounded so downright confident and so well-matched to the material. Every song, every phrase, every lick - pure manna from hard rock heaven!"
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