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HUNGRYHEART - One Ticket To Paradise

European Import : NEH120

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Josh Zighetti (vocals)
Mario Percudani (guitars, vocals)
Steve Lozzi (bass)
Paolo Botteschi (drums, backing vocals)
Produced by: Mario Percundani, Hungryheart
Engineered by: Mario Percundani, Paolo Botteschi
Mixed by : Alessandro Del Vecchio
Mastered by: Michael Voss
With their second release, One Ticket To Paradise, Hungryheart has revamped their rhythm section and altered their sound slightly. The massive choruses and perfected harmonies are still represented on One Ticket To Paradise, but the band has edged further into the AOR direction and thus have left some of the furious hard rock behind. For that reason this new album is mellower than its predecessor while containing the same winning formula in the songwriting. Hungryheart are an exceptional band.
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