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ICON - Night Of The Crime

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Stephen Clifford (vocals)
John Aquilino (guitar)
Dan Wexler (guitar)
Tracy Wallach (bass, backing vocals)
Pat Dixon (drums, percussion)
Produced by: Eddie Kramer
Engineered by: Eddie Kramer and Mark McKenna
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Jon Astley

THE SECOND outing from Phoenix five-piece Icon, 'Night Of The Crime' is without doubt one of the greatest melodic hard rock albums ever made... some would say THE greatest! What makes this 1985 effort even more remarkable is the fact that it was recorded & released under the most difficult of circumstances. It's not often that a producer barricades himself inside a studio, or that a singer quits a band just when all of the odds seem stacked in their favour, but the Icon tale is packed to the brim with all of these elements and more. In a just & fair society, 'NOTC' would have notched up millions of sales and the band members would currently be kicking back on private islands, margueritas in hand; this didn't happen, of course, but check out the 10 tracks featured here and you'll know that it could have. Special Collector's edition includes:

16 page full colour booklet - Original and enhanced artwork with new photos and extensive memorabilia
4,000 word essay written by Derek Oliver
Special 'vinyl finish' CD
Endorsed quotes from Classic Rock editor Geoff Barton

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