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US Release : NEH111

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Chandler Mogel (vocals)
Stephen Walsh (guitar)
Lanie Suky (bass)
Scott Suky (drums)
Produced by: Iron Bridge Band
Engineered by: Joseph DeMaio
Mixed by : Joseph DeMaio
Mastered by: Leon Zervos
The Iron Bridge Band’s latest release, Road Not Taken, features plenty of lead guitar riffs and solos throughout the majority of the 12 tracks. From “Thunder In A Sacred Place” to “Once Beautiful (Love Like Rain),” lead guitarist Steve Walsh consistently delivers fast and edgy moves, piling onto what’s already an impressive sound. Road Not Taken allows classic rock inspirations while leaving room to incorporate modern concepts that sound fresh and unique. Road Not Taken goes back to a time when rock music was still heavily influenced by the blues. Iron Bridge Band gave a piece of themselves to creating it, and in an honorable feat, stayed true to who they were.

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