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IVORY MOON - Human Nature

European Import : AORH440

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Cecilia Serra (vocals)
Sandro Manicone (vocals)
Davide Calisse (guitar)
Fabrizio Zucchini (guitar)
Fabrizio Sclano (bass)
Filippo Natoli (keyboards)
Emanuele Valabrega (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Ivory Moon was formed in the summer of 2000, in Italy, and May 2002 saw the first Ivory Moon promo cd being released. The response from both local and international press was excellent, and led to a number of concerts in Italy, and a lot of exposure in Spain and Greece. In early 2004, the debut album, “On The Edge of Time” was recorded and released in Italy through Battle Hymns Records. The album took Ivory Moon to a higher level, and the response, especially in Italy, was overwhelming. In late 2005, the line-up went through some changes, and the band started to work on new songs and ideas for the next album. During 2006, Ivory Moon took residence at Temple of Noise Studios in Rome, to record “Human Nature”. The album was tracked, mixed and mastered by Christian Ice, and the band was very satisfied with the finished result. With a great record in hand, the search for a label to match it started, and early 2007 a deal was signed with Ulterium Records of Sweden. The sound of Ivory Moon can be described as epic symphonic metal, but do not expect a clone here! With the female vocals of Cecilia Serra, and the male vocals by Sandro Manicone; Ivory Moon has created a diverse album, both vocally and musically. “Human Nature” will surely appeal to fans of Nightwish and Epica, as well as fans of progressive and symphonic metal. The future of Ivory Moon is exciting for sure. With a great album as “Human Nature” on the horizon, and with band members highly competent in musicianship and songwriting, the future shines brightly for Ivory Moon!
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