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IVORY - Time For Revenge

European Import : HOS0810

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Ivan G. (vocals)
Salvo Vecchio (guitar)
Andrea Marincola (keyboards)
Luca Bernazzi (bass)
H. Pedro (drums)
Produced by: Ivory
Engineered by: Claudio Cattero
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
GREAT debut-album for this five-piece coming from Italy. Their style is very personal, combining powerful riffs and double-bass songs structures, in the melodic Power Metal style, with catchy vocal harmonies (close to the classic Melodic Hard Rock) and some "de-luxe" arrangements influenced by Progressive Rock/Metal. Their lyrics deal basically with the egyptian culture and the history in general. Good production at the "Electromantic Studio" in Torino, Italy. Great artwork with a full-colour 16 pages booklet A Cd that any Melodic Metal fan will LOVE!!! ITALIAN METAL still rules!!!
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