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JONIN - The Secret

US Release : TRB088

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Stuart Smith (vocals)
Todd Houck (guitar)
Ray King (bass)
Thomas Clark (gutiar)
Tim Worrell (drums)
Produced by: Jonin
Engineered by: Thoms Clark
Mixed by : Jonin, Jamie King
Mastered by: Jamie King
Over recent years, Raleigh (NC) has become known for their diverse and dominant metal scene. Powerhouses from that scene include Undying, Confessor, Daylight Dies, Widow and Dreamscapes Of The Perverse. JONIN have been developing and honing their own metallic style to help themselves stand out within such an extremely competitive arena. Their Tribunal Records debut, The Secret, is a document of several years of meticulous and labored struggle to craft a stunning and unforgettable first impression for metal fans not just in North Carolina but all over the world. JONIN are able to seamlessly blend the modern melodic attack of bands like Soilwork, Tool and Into Eternity with the pomp of Eighteen Visions while harnessing the aggression of In Flames and Killswitch Engage. JONIN are a unique band not just within the North Carolina metal scene but more importantly a cut above the majority of metal bands "going through the motions" today. Unlock The Secret and you too will come to find the treasures we have unearthed.
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