KIDD GLOVE - Kidd Glove

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Paul Sabu (vocals, gutiar)
Mike Baer (drums)
Tommy Amato (drums)
Jeff Steele (bass)
Bobby Sandstorm (keyboards)
Tommy Rude (keyboards)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
It’s fair to say that the archetypal rock pose that Paul Sabu is sporting on the front cover of this record was certainly at odds with the sublime soft-rock that was contained within its grooves. Leather clad, guitar set to stun and striking the kind of poses reserved for the most potent of six-string slingers, the music of Kidd Glove was a heady brew of Hi-Tech AOR that was very much of its time. When Barry Gordy, the man who started and owned Motown records, decided to cash in on the then current rock resurgence, he branched out and started a division called Morocco Records. When A&R president, Steve Barri, ran an advert in the LA Times looking to find the next Motown/Morocco Rock Icon, he caught the attention of the twenty-two year old Sabu. Having put his Disco past behind him, Sabu showed up and was greeted by a line that stretched as far as the eye could see. Finally making it in on the second day, a surprised Sabu got the gig, “Yeah, I’m not sure what I did that was so amazing, but they said I'm the guy they've been searching for. Who was I to argue?” But if the recording process was anything to go by, the audition was the easy part, or as Sabu put it, “So the fun began”. According to Sabu the period of writing the album was quite difficult, with each song being scrutinised by a panel of judges. Once the album was finalised, the job of what band members and which producer needed to be chosen. The band was fairly simple, but the producer? “I've actually deleted his name from my memory banks,” he admits, “So you'll need to look him up off the album credits.” When the album was finished, and even though it had the praise of Motown, Sabu couldn't even bring himself to listen to it. Another fact was that he had begun writing the “Heartbreak” album and was as-sembling a new band before the Kidd Glove album was even completed. It’s a shame, if the label had got behind it then who knows what would have happened? I actually prefer this album over “Heartbreak”, finding its naïve charm and hook-lines irresistible. The likes of “Good Clean Fun” and “Street Angel” rate highly in my book, but it’s the pairing of “Somewhere In A Song” and “Susie Wants To Be A Star” that, well, they’d have to be two of the best songs that Sabu has ever been involved with. “It’s only now, with this reissue, that I’m able to listen to the album without the bad memories,” he concludes, finally at ease with an album that kick-started his career.
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