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Paul Shortino (vocals)
David Michael-Philips (guitar)
Mick Sweda (guitar)
Johnny Rod (bass)
Carmine Appice (drums)
Produced by: David Henzerling, Carmine Appice, Paul Shortino
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Michael Voss
Mastered by: Michael Voss
King Kobra's long-awaited reunion album "King Kobra" (s/t) released in 2011 left no doubt that this was a band to be reckoned with. Even though nearly 25 years had passed since the original line-up recorded the landmark "Ready To Strike" and "Thrill Of A Lifetime" albums, the energy and immediacy of the bands lightning attack had not diminished one iota and fans responded in kind. The thick, soulful vocals of Paul Shortino, dual guitarists Mick Sweda and David Michael-Philips, and the thundering bass and drums of Johnny Rod and Carmine Appice delivered an album that, while easily carrying on the tradition of the first two releases, brought a contemporary twist to a signature melodic, hard rock style. "The "70's" flavour of this new album was a conscious move to incorporate our influences into the music. Produced by David Henzerling with Carmine Appice and Paul Shortino, "II" digs into King Kobra hard rock roots to create an album that has all the swagger and swing of the classic 70's albums (think Montrose, Bad Company, Deep Purple and even Carmine's own legendary Cactus) with a crystal clear sound that combines the best of both analogue and digital recording techniques. "II" shows a more mature band confident of its songwriting ability performing with the technical prowess garnered over years of experience.
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