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KISSIN' DYNAMITE - Meglomania Ltd Ed

European Import : AORH3102

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Hannes (vocals)
Ande (guitar)
Jim (guitar)
Andi (bass)
Steffen (drums)
Produced by: Hardy Krech, Mark Nissen, Sascha Paeth
Engineered by: Hardy Krech, Mark Nissen, Sascha Paeth
Mixed by : Hardy Krech, Mark Nissen, Sascha Paeth
Mastered by: Miro Rodenberg
With STEEL OF SWABIA ( 2008), ADDICTED TO METAL (2010) and MONEY, SEX AND POWER (2012), Kissin' Dynamite has released three CD's internationally, was represented in the Media Control Charts, played over 500 live shows all over Europe and Asia, and has had several TV-appearances. Kissin' Dynamite have earned a recognition which goes beyond borders, convincing with their energetic, thrilling performances. With their fourth album, the band has arrived in 2014 and is going for it more than ever! Ltd.ed. digipack with bonus track and video.
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