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KIX - Midnite Dynamite

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Steve Whiteman (vocals)
Ronnie Younkins (guitar)
Brian Forsythe (guitar)
Donnie Purnell (bass)
Jimmy Chalfant (drums)
Produced by: Beau Hill, Keith Lentin, Bill Dooley
Engineered by: Stephen Benben, Jim Faraci, Beau Hill
Mixed by : tbd
Digitally Remastered by: Andy Pearce
Special Deluxe Collector's Edition - Fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. Produced by Beau Hill (Ratt, Winger). 16 page full colour booklet - 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork, rare photos and band involvement. There is a breed of bands who like to keep it simple: four-to-the-floor guitar driven hard rock with uncomplicated riffs and hooks that sound as though they were born fully formed. In this respect, it's fair to say that the Maryland based five piece Kix are close to the top of the heap when it comes to instantly catchy songs. Garnish that with a healthy coating of Cheap Trick inspired pop and you've got a marriage made in heaven. Signed to industry giant Atlantic Records, 'Midnite Dynamite' was the bands third album and the one expected to establish Kix as a force to be reckoned with. Produced by man of the moment Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant), the album finally brought all the right ingredients to the forefront, boasting memorable songs and lively rocking of the finest order. Add to this a comprehensive selection of grade A co-writers, including contributions from Bob Halligan Jr. (Judas Priest, Kiss), Kip Winger, and John Palumbo (Crack The Sky) and you've got a record that delivers as much as it promises. Check out the raunch and roll of 'Red Hot (Blue Black)', 'Bang Bang (Balls Of Fire)', 'Scarlet Fever' and the title track, for nicely polished nuggets of no nonsense party rock blessed with a cool delivery that sets fire to the notion that you can't have your cake and eat it."
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