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L.A. "Unfinished Business"

European Import : ESM110

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Jan Achmann (vocals, bass)
Jens Impgaard (guitar)
Lars Impgaard (guitar)
Henrik Rohde Jensen (drums)

Produced by: L.A. and Tommy Hansen
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : L.A. and Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: tbd
More than 20 years ago Jan Achmann and Lars Impgaard were on their way from school both in 9th grade, discussing the latest releases of Richie Blackmore's Rainbow and Judas Priest. That day the two guys of 15 decided that they would be the rock stars of tomorrow! And this was the beginning of Lost Angels, shortly after renamed LA. In the following years a lot of local musicians joined and left LA, among others Ronnie Atkins of Pretty Maids fame. At the end of 1983 the band members were Jan Achmann (v+b), Lars Impgaard (g), Kim Christiansen (d), Kim Madsen (g) and Soren Impgaard (k). The band went to the Devon Studio in Kolding, Denmark to record their first demoes, produced by Morten Munch the coming bass player of Skagarack. In the beginning of 1984 Kim Madsen (g) left the band and Jens Impgaard (g) joined LA. LA signed their first record deal with STC Records, a small Danish label. This was in the Spring of 1984 and the five young guns of LA with an avarage age of less than 20 went to a four week "summer camp" at the Key Sound Studios, Denmark to record their first album aptly entitled LA. But the first record company that got hold of LA did not have the money needed - the same old story of any big rock'n'roll band! STC records went nearly broke and could not finance the album. By the help of LA and a good friend in London, Robin Skinner at "Black Label" LA succeeded in moving the rights to the grand master tape to the German company Teleag Records at the end of 1984. Before the release in 1985 LA decided to remix the album with Michael Brenner at ElSound Studios, Copenhagen. Shortly after the release of the album Telaeg Record closed down their activities in Denmark. LA then signed their second record deal with the Danish label Sky Light Records - which went bankrupt a few months later! However this is not the end of the agonizing story of Danish record companies at the time... another small label got hold of the safety master of the album and accidentally some of the fans found at a local gas station an MC tape called "Heavy Rock" covering the complete LA album and with a front cover with a picture of Angus Young of AC/DC! Then the story took off in the national Danish Radio. Shortly after the album was recorded Kim Christiansen (d) left the band and long time friend of the band Henrik Rohde Jensen (ex. Spiked Mace) (d) joined. Until the release of the album LA was very active doing shows, new songs and studio recordings for the second album and making deals for overseas touring (with the likes of Robert Palmer and Mr. Mister). But the band was unable to complete a European record deal and the members disbanded in 1986. All this took Place some 18 years ago but for the past few years the band members have been contacted through the internet by fellow rockers from all over the world asking for copies of the album and the band story. And as the music still is true rock'n'roll of the mid 80's they finally decided to remaster and release the album on CD. The first album L.A., was remastered during spring 2003 by Niels Tørnquist and bandmember Lars Impgaard. With the work done on the first CD, the band was on a roll and started to look into a possible release of a second album. During 1984-85 the band had recorded several demos for a not-to-be-seen second album. After a number of meetings and listen-inns it was clear, that even though the recordings were more than 15 years old, they sounded as fresh today as they did then, true heavy Rock'n'Roll of the 80'es. October 2003 LA hits a record studio together for the first time in 17 years. After having digitaliced the grandmasters at the Sun Studios, Copenhagen, the band booked The Jailhouse Studios, with the brilliant Tommy Hansen, at the desk, a highly praised producer for his work with Helloween, Pretty Maids, Skagarack, Jorn Lande, Grand Illusion ... and many more. The Danish National TV2 picked up on the news of the now middle aged 80's rockers and LA was headlining the primetime news with the story of making the album and the CD to come. Things were starting to get confortable! In less than two weeks, the album was completed, all tracks given a completely new sound that give the entire product a distinct feel of the 80's - but with a sound of today. LA always look at a CD as a complete package, and a lot of effort were put into making the booklets of CD's, and the work was finalised during summer of 2004
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