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Billy Sheehan (bass)
Bryan Beller (bass)
Dave Townson (guitar)
Doane Perry (drums)
Gary Wehrkamp (guitar)
Greg Critchley (drums)
James LaBrie (vocals)
Joe Franco (drums)
John Myung (bass)
John Novello (keyboards)
John Petrucci (guitar)
Kerry Livgren (guitar)
Lisa Bouchelle (vocals)
Luis Maldonado (bass, guitar)
Martin Barre (guitar)
Marty Friedman (guitar)
Matt Guillory (keyboards)
Mike Keneally (guitar)
Mike Mangini (drums)
Richard Chycki (guitar)
Sean Malone (bass)
Sean Reinert (drums)
Steve Morse (guitar)
Terry Bozzio (drums)
Trent Gardner (keyboards, trombone, vocals)
Wayne Gardner (bass, guitar)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Jim Brick
James LaBrie is at his shining best here. A must have for any fan of Dream Theater or progressive music. James La Brie: Prime Cuts is taken from his numerous projects with the Magna Carta label including tracks from James’ solo albums (MullMuzzler and James La Brie’s MullMuzzler), Explorers Club “Age of Impact” and “Raising The Mammoth”, rock opera “Leonardo: The Absolute Man” and tribute albums ”Working Man” (Rush) and “Encores, Legends And Paradox” (ELP). James showcases his unforgettable vocal prowess with his high and powerful range. Strong, aggressive songs are the perfect template to display his world class talents. James LaBrie's Prime Cuts shows that he's more than just a phenomenally talented singer but he's a solid songwriter as well. Quality begets quality and this endeavor most definitely does. This CD is an obvious product of skill and talent with a remarkable consistency throughout the years. Excellent musicianship all around that is sure to please almost all prog metal and Dream Theater fans. Features performances by many great musicians, including Steve Morse, Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, John Myung, Billy Sheehan and many, many more.
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