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GREG LAKE - Greg Lake

European Import : Candy091

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Greg Lake (guitar, vocals)
Gary moore (guitar)
Tristram Margetts (bass)
Ted Mckenna (drums)
Produced by: Greg Lake
Engineered by: Haydn Bendall, Brian robson, Steve Short, Paul dobe, harold Blumberg, John Timperly, Nigel Walker
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Andy Pearce

AS A FOUNDING member of progressive rock giants King Crimson and ELP, Greg Lake’s presence during the 1970s was both impressive and influential. ELP’s impact on both a commercial and creative level was omnipresent, notching up a succession of chart busting albums and sold out shows the world over. So, when the band disbanded in 1978, all eyes were naturally on Greg’s next move. Choosing to pursue a solo career, Greg fled to Los Angeles and worked with a number of well known session players (including most of Toto) in an effort to craft a musical direction that would allow him enough breathing space to escape the confines of the progressive rock style that he had been wedded to for so long. Moving back to London, Greg finally focussed on a direction that would marry finely honed progressive rock with memorable songs – including one co-written by Bob Dylan. This was accomplished with the aid of a supporting cast of top rate musicians, including ex Sensational Alex Harvey Band members Ted McKenna and Tommy Eyre together with super guitarist Gary Moore. Indeed, Moore’s presence was keenly felt; he even provided the lead track ‘Nuclear Attack’ (previously recorded by Moore on his Dirty Fingers album). Greg’s debut solo album (originally released in 1981) was a comprehensive return to form for this progressive rock demi-god. This is a Special Limited Collector's Edition which features Gary Moore. It has been remastered with sound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology. It is packaged witha 12 page full colour booklet using original and enhanced artwork with memorabilia,
3,000 word essay and full involvement from Greg Lake

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