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GREG LAKE - Manoeuvres

European Import : Candy092

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Greg Lake (vocals, guitar)
Gary Moore (guitar)
Tristian margetts (bass)
Tommy Eyre (keyboards)
Ted McKenna (drums)
Produced by: Greg Lake
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Dan Priest
Remastered by: Andy Pearce

"WHEN ELP disbanded in 1978, following their poorly received 'Love Beach' album, the smart money was on Greg Lake to emerge phoenix like from the ashes as part of yet another progressive rock supergroup. Few would have expected him to opt for a solo career. Commencing with 1981's self titled debut, and using a top rate backing band, Greg's second solo album - originally released in 1983 - continued his journey from progressive rock maestro to a more challenging song orientated minstrel. With top talent, including the brilliant Gary Moore, 'Manoeuvres' is a riveting soupcon of melodic pop prog mixed with carefully executed AOR, including lashings of blistering guitar work from the fret board of Mr Moore. The songs are both accessible and yet precise, and there is even a co-writing contribution from Sweet guitarist Andy Scott. 'Manoeuvres' is a huge departure from his work with both King Crimson and ELP, the style is clearly edging closer to the melodic progressive rock of Asia and latter day Yes, boasting well structured songs, meticulous arrangements and contributions from a superlative roster of high calibre musicians. Time to revisit this much overlooked album from a figurehead of the British progressive rock movement." This is a Special Limited Collector's Edition which features Gary Moore. It has been remastered with sound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology . It is packaged witha 12 page full colour booklet using original and enhanced artwork with memorabilia,
3,000 word essay and full involvement from Greg Lake.

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