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JAYCE LANDBERG - Break The Spell

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Erik Jayce Landberg (guitar, keyboards, bass)
Göran Edman (vocals)
Charlie Arvstrand (keyboards)
James Humphrey (drums)
Produced by: Jayce Landberg
Engineered by: Joe Johnston
Mixed by : Joe Johnston
Mastered by: tbd
Swedish guitarist and composer Erik Jayce Landberg was born in the winter of 1977. Due to his father's professional commitments, he saw himself growing up between the Swedish countryside, Stockholm and Switzerland. Being exposed to a constant change of cultures Jayce developed a strong interest in art and poetry, but had originally no interest in playing music. However, after his mother's repeated pressure to play an instrument like the piano or the violin, he saw himself confronted with a difficult choice. At age 14, he finally gave in and decided to pick up the guitar and soon after immersed himself in composition and writing from the very beginning. The piano was Jayce's next choice, on which he later composed pieces like "Winter" and "Marilyn". Being exposed to rock and classical music simultaneously, he soon absorbed the essence of the two genres and originally endavoured to combine them like his predecessors Malmsteen and Uli Jon Roth. At 18, Jayce left his Swiss household to permanently relocate to Stockholm were he joined several bands until he finally met with singer Goran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum). The two of them set up to record two songs, "Lost Without You" co-written with Goran and the epic ballad "Marilyn" which Jayce originally wrote as a classical music piece. The recording was released as a single in Europe and attracted soon the attention of record companies abroad. As a result, Jayce signed a solo deal with Japanese record company Marquee Records followed by the English company Escape Music to record his debut album "Break The Spell" also featuring Goran on
vocals. The same year, Jayce also recorded two radio jingles for CBS in California and pursues his occupation as a science-fiction novelist ("Shades Of Night" published in 2005).
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