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Mikael Erlandsson (vocals, keyboards)
Andy Malecek (guitar)
Nalley Pahlsson (bass)
Jamie Border (drums, backing vocals)
Produced by: Jamie Borger, Ulf Wahlberg
Engineered by: Ulf Wahlberg
Mixed by : Ulf Wahlberg
Mastered by: Ulf Wahlberg

The 8th album by all-star melodic rock band LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM featuring MIKAEL ERLANDSSON and Germany's ANDY MALACEK (Fair Warning) as the main members. Their 2004 debut album featuring 3/5 of EUROPE resembles the best Scandinavian melodic rock heritage, and from then on the quality of each album have been outstanding. Yet again LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM deliver the finest in melodic hard rock on the 'YES' album.

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