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LAVA - Fire

European Import : AORH3491

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Egil Eldoen (vocals)
Sven Dag Hauge (guitar)
Per Kolstad (keyboards)
Geir Langslet (keyboards)
Rolf Graf (bass)
Per Hillestad (drums)
Produced by: Sven Dag Hauge, Lava
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Christian Obermayer
In 1983 Lava became Randy Crawfords regular backing band and toured extensively for a period of 10 years around the world. Japan, Australia, UK, The Arabic Emirates, Zwaziland, Zimbabwe was visited in addition to several european and scandinavian tours. With two sold out concerts of Royal Albert Hall as one as the most memorable moments. "Fire" (1984) their third album was released in 1984 and showcased their classy arrangements, superb musicianship and their unique mixture of west coast- and hi-tech AOR. Tracks like "I'm In Love" or "Sophie" became all time faves and the band won the Norwegian Grammy at the same year. First time ever on CD, digitally remastered and strictly limited to 500 copies.
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