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LAVA - Prime Time

European Import : AORH3414

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Per Kolstad (keyboards)
Geir Lanslet (keyboards)
Sigurd Kohn (saxophone)
Svein Dag Hauge (guitar)
Per Hillestad (drums, percussion)
Rolf Graf (badd)
Egil Eldoen (vocals)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Hans Petter Danielsen
Mixed by : Hans Petter Danielsen
Mastered by: Ivare Finsen
Remastered by: Christian Obermayer

It all started with a cup of coffee in Oslo with some of the key members of Lava, Svein Dag, Per and Egil, and Tobias with his newly founded record-label, Preservation Records. Long story short; the meeting resulted in a deal with the goal of re-releasing Lava's catalogue. The original studio sessions, the master-tapes, has been located and is being re-mastered, this time with modern technology in order to make a fresh sound. So far, the album "Cruising" is released successfully in Japan, Europe and in Norway. The next on the list is "Prime Time" with three extra bonus tracks. For the first time it is available on CD. Lava was originally released in 1983 with Egil Eldøen as front vocalist. Sidsel Endresen contributes with vocals on the track "Hard Times". The album peaked at #6 in Norway and stayed on top 40 for 9 weeks in the charts. "Prime Time" represents a genre that originally came from California in the 70's. The sound is big with expensive production and 1"class musicians". The album was recorded in the legendary Rosenborg Studios in Oslo. Lava is considered the most important representative for this genre in Norway. Today, Lava has a large fan base both in Norway and internationally. Together with Lava, we wish to bring this awesome music to the world!

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