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LE ROUX - Last Safe Place

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Jeff Pollard (guitar, vocals)
Rod Roddy (keyboards, backing vocals)
Bobby Campo (percussion, backing vocals)
David Peters (drums, backing vocals)
Tony Haselden (guitar, backing vocals)
Leon Medica (bass, backing vocals)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
ORIGINALLY GOING under the rather cumbersome handle of Louisiana's Le Roux, the band cut two exploratory albums, very much in the style that you might expect any band to have sounded like coming from that region. However, by their classic 'Up' album their style had changed radically. Taking its cue from the great melodic rock bands of the day, such as Journey, Foreigner and Styx, the album showcased a keen love of melodic hard rock. Originally issued in 1982, 'Last Safe Place', produced in-house by bassist Leon Medica, took the template and moved it one stage closer towards AOR nirvana. Recorded for their new label RCA, the album satisfied on a number of levels, and is packed out with sophisticated, memorable songs, and killer hooks. Indeed, the track 'Nobody Said It Was Easy' became something of a hit, reaching #18 on the Billboard charts and establishing the band as supreme contenders for the AOR crown.
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