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LE ROUX - So Fired Up

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Fergie Fredericksen (vocals)
Jim Odom (guitar, backing vocals)
Leon Medica (bass, backing voc als)
Tony Haselden (guitar, backing vocals)
Rod Roddy (keyboards, backing vocals)
David Peters (drums, backing vocals)
Produced by: Leon Medica
Engineered by: Warren Dewey
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Wally Traugott
FOUR ALBUMS INTO their career and Le Roux were edging ever closer to scoring success on a national and, indeed, international level. This was back in the days when record companies would give artists enough creative lee-way to develop their craft and build a committed fan following. 'So Fired Up' was, then, the band's fifth album and is largely regarded as one of their finest, erupting with the sort of energy and sophistication that rivals the great melodic rock champions of the day such as Foreigner and Journey. Originally released in 1983 and once again produced in-house by bassist and founder member Leon Medica, the record featured two new member; that's guitarist Jim Odon and vocalist Fergie Frederiksen, formerly of lauded pomp rockers Trillion and later to front Toto. With the new material highlighted by Frederiksen's captivating vocals and the tough-guy guitar playing of Odon, the band found a new lease of life, constructing a record to rival their previous masterpiece 'Up'.
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