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LEATHER - Shock Waves

US Release : DIVE016

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Leather Leone (vocals)
Michael Harris (guitar)
David Harbour (bass)
John He/bert (drums)
Produced by: David Chastain
Engineered by: Steve Fontano
Mixed by : Steve Fontano
Mastered by: Jamie King

The original release of LEATHER’s solo album, Shock Waves, was to show everyone exactly why she was considered the preeminent female heavy metal vocalist of the 80’s without being overshadowed by the talents of Chastain band leader, David T. Chastain. Besides the brilliant, Shock Waves, LEATHER’s work with the metal band Chastain produced five (5) of possibly the best releases in metal during that era – Mystery Of Illusion (1985), Ruler Of The Wasteland (1986), The Seventh Of Never (1987), Voice Of The Cult (1988) and For Those Who Dare (1990). She received rave reviews from magazines worldwide and is still regularly mentioned as one of the most powerful voices in heavy metal. Originally released in 1989 via Roadrunner Records, Shock Waves featured some of the biggest names in heavy metal then either performing on the album or co-writing songs with LEATHER. Producing the record was the metal legend himself, David T. Chastain. Among the songwriters collaborating with LEATHER included David T. Chastain, Pat O’Brien (Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Lethal) and Mark Shelton (Manilla Road). She fortunately surrounded herself with familiar players whom which she had shared stage time with in Chastain with the likes of John Luke He’bert and David Harbour while bringing aboard guitar virtuoso Michael Harris (Zanister, Arch Rival) to round out the band. We at Divebomb Records hope to shine a light once again on the talents of LEATHER and her only solo album, Shock Waves.

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