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LEGION - Tempest

European Import : ZR1997180

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Phil Vincent (vocals)
Vince Oregan (guitar)
Irvin Parrat (keyboards)
Gavin Cooper (bass)
Andy Pierce (drums)
Produced by: Vince Oregan
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
The man did it again: Phil Vincent, apart from his solo albums and other bands, is releasing a new album with LEGION entitled "Tempest", the band's sixth in the last four years! Whilst everything Vincent has been involved with has had definite Dokken influences in there, Legion have even more and it's also the more varied project of his career. Vincent's trademark vocal melodies are all over the choruses, giving most of the songs more melodic parts than the heavier verses. Another good and really recommended effort by Legion, "Tempest" draw heavily from the classic Dokken catalog and come out all guns a blazin', but also delivers lethal doses of solid and enjoyable Melodic Hard Rock.
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