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LEGS DIAMOND - Legs Diamond

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Track Listing - CD1:
1. It's Not The Music
2. Stage Fright
3. Satin Peacock
4. Rock And Roll Man
5. Deadly Dancer
6. Rat Race
7. Can't Find Love
Track Listing - CD2:
1. Come With Me - (Album Outtake)
2. Rat Race - (1976 K-West Radio)
3. Thrill Seeker - Demo
4. High School Queen - Demo
5. Not Yours Not Mine - (Demo)
6. Deadly Dancer - (Demo)
7. One Way Ticket (Demo)
8. Avalanche - (Demo)
9. Traces - (Demo)
10. Street Runner - (Demo)
11. Closer - (Demo)
12. Food For Thought - (Demo)
Rick Sanford (vocals)
Roger Romeo (guitar)
Michael Gargano (bass)
Michael Prince (keyboards, guitar)
Jeff Poole (drums)
Produced by: Derek Lawrence
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Special Deluxe Collector's 2CD Edition / Fully Remastered Audio / LA Hard Rock Kings / 12 Bonus Tracks / 16-page full colour booklet - 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, new photos and new interviews. If ever there was a band that should have taken their music to the very top of the rock charts and beyond, then Legs Diamond were surely it. Feted by the cognoscenti, yet forever living in a shadow, the band's influence and reputation has actually increased as the years have flown by. To many, their music has come to represent some of the greatest hard rock to have emerged from North America, with some calling them, quite accurately, the American Deep Purple. Formed in Los Angeles during the mid-seventies, Legs Diamond developed their chops and killer look at all the hip clubs, on and off the strip, establishing their five man line up and eventually signing to industry leaders Mercury Records, supported by strong management. The band's debut album came to represent the very soul of a movement that was in full swing, led by the likes of Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, BOC and Montrose. There was nothing shallow about the band's music or message; it was a full-on assault of cock sure riffs, sublime vocals, intricate arrangements and a confidence that you only witness in the most talented acts. Produced by Derek Lawrence (Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash), and issued in 1977, the record contains seven extended tracks, including the prized knock out pairing of 'Stage Fright' and 'Satin Peacock'. Lengthy workouts such as 'Rat Race' and 'Can't Find Love' (weighing in at nearly nine minutes) take the band to the very outer limits of creativity yet still pack a heavyweight punch.
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