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LORD OF MUSHROOMS - Seven Deadly Songs

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Quentin Benayoun (keyboards)
Mickael James (drums)
Laurent James (guitar)
Julien Vallespi (vocals)
Julein Negro (bass)
Produced by: Laurent James
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Didier Chesneau
Mastered by: Lasse Mattsson
Lord of Mushrooms was formed in the autumn of the year 2000. Their first Album, distributed by Musea since November 2002, made a sensation due to the degree of maturity of their compositions and the musicianship of the players. 7 deadly songs" is a concept album based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Now their music is not only aimed to appeal to an "aware" public of enthusiastic Progressive Rock followers, but to all Rock Fans, thanks to more "effective" songs and themes This band is made up of five talented musicians, coming from various different musical worlds but with the same passion for the heteroclite musical style, this in fact permits a fusion of their individual know-how and style going hard rock to jazz passing through pop and contemporary music.
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