KIKO LOUREIRO - Universo Inverso

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Kiko Loureiro (guitar)
Yaniel Matos (keyboards)
Carlinhos Noronha (bass)
Cuca Teixeira (drums)
Produced by: Kiko Loureiro
Engineered by: Guilherme Canaes
Mixed by : Thiago Bianchi
Mastered by: Jurgen Lusky
As a well-known Brazilian guitarist, and with international recognition, Kiko Loureiro's musical roots go beyond power chords and distortion. Brazilian music, Latin music, jazz and classical music have always had their influence on his composition and playing. Universo Inverso is his second instrumental record, a fusion release paying tribute to Loureiro's Brazilian musical roots. Recorded in only three days, Universo Inverso has six of Kiko's compositions and four from pianist Yaniel Matos and blends Brazilian and Latin rhythms and jazz with a subtle dose of rock that defies easy catagorization. Thus, the listeners hear samba, baiao, jazz, buleria (Spanish rhythms heard in flamenco) and even Brazilian waltz, always with a rock guitar interpretation. Universo Inverso goes to show the Kiko Loureiro's entire musical universe that makes him one of the most complete musicians of our time.
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