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LUNATICA - The Edge Of Infinity

European Import : FRCD300

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Andrea Datwyler (vocals)
Andy Leuengerger (guitar)
Sandro D'Incau (guitar)
Emilio Barrantes (bass)
Alex Seiberl (keyboards)
Ronnie Wolf (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Miro, Sascha Paeth, Olaf Reitmeier
Mixed by : Sascha Paeth, miro
Mastered by: Sascha Paeth
The Swiss symphonic rockers fronted by the fascinating singer Andrea Dätwyler, are back with their fantastic third studio album! After their previous record "Fables & Dreams" successfully hit the streets in Switzerland in February 2004, Frontiers Records decided to pick up the album for a worldwide release in September 2004. The reactions in the press and the audience were tremendous and in the first week of its release, "Fables & Dreams" entered at # 12 of the Japan HMV sales charts. Their following European tour during April & May of 2005 (Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland) was just as successful as their numerous appearances on open-air stages in Switzerland, including a headlining performance at the "Night Of Rock Festival" in Austria, in front of more than 1.000 fans. Despite their busy schedule, the guys kept on working on some great new material which could be a step forward in comparison to their previous recordings. After successfully spending a few weeks recording in the German city of Wolfsburg, LUNATICA came back with a new LP called "The Edge of Infinity". Again, the acclaimed team of producers Sascha Paeth and Miro (KAMELOT, RHAPSODY, ANGRA etc.) is responsible for the top-quality of the new album, just as they were on LUNATICA's previous effort "Fables & Dreams". For the artwork on "The Edge Of Infinity" the band chose none other than Matthias Norén, an artist who has already been working with such bands as STRATOVARIUS, ARENA, STAR ONE, to name a few. For the intro to the new record, LUNATICA looked for an artist, who was able to capture the audience at the very beginning with his voice only. Dieter Meier, singer of the legendary Swiss electronic Avant-Garde masters YELLO, was very interested in the project and agreed to be a storyteller, with each song telling its own tale. German singer Oliver Hartmann was asked to join Andrea for a duet on the song "EmOcean", as well as John Payne, former singer of ASIA, who also sang a duet with LUNATICA singer. Even the Swedish songwriters of The Location Studios (Carl Falk and Sebastian Thott, who became famous writing and producing pop acts like WESTLIFE and BRITNEY SPEARS and who are now working with some of the biggest names in the business like LINDSAY LOHAN and ANA JOHNSSON) contributed to the new album by writing a song for LUNATICA entitled "Who You Are". The band has plans to hit the road for another European tour this year, constantly trying to reach more people and working as hard as possible to promote their new LP. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for LUNATICA!
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