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Oni Logan (vocals)
George Lynch (guitar)
Jeff Pilson (bass)
Brian Tichy (drums)
Produced by: Chris Collier, George Lynch, Oni Logan
Engineered by: Chris Collier
Mixed by : Chris Collier
Mastered by: Chris Collier
Rockers Lynch Mob are back with their most-anticipated release to date. Rebel, the band's 8th studio release begins with the scorching "Automatic Fix." The song features an exciting opening riff and vocal melody and Lynch burns on one of his best guitar solos. From the blistering album opener "Automatic Fix" to the album closer "War," it is clear Lynch Mob is back to show fans why they are one of rock's most-loved bands. Lynch Mob formed in 1989 after George Lynch parted ways with his former band Dokken. This year marks the 25th Anniversay of Lynch Mob's debut release Wicked Sensation, which is the band's most popular work to date achieving gold-selling status. The band has released seven other albums throughout their career. Lynch Mob will be touring throught the summer in support of Rebel with more information to be announced at a later date.
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