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MISDEMEANOR "High Crimes And Misdemeanor"

European Import : RTCD002

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Revolver Vera (vocals)
Crowbar Jempa (bass)
Sara Hammer (guitar, vocals)
Jenny The Axe (guitar, vocals)
Shotgun Mia (drums)
Produced by: Alex Hellid
Engineered by: Jonas Edler
Mixed by : Jonas Edler
Mastered by: Soren Elonsson
The Swedish rock'n'roll ladies in Misdemeanor are back with their second album, High Crimes And Misdemeanor. Misdemeanor have their roots in bands like Black Sabbath and Kyuss, but have this time taken a step towards the rock'n'roll sound of KISS, AC/DC and Queens Of The Stone Age. Once again they have Alex Hellid of Entombed as the producer and the album contains 11 rockin' new tracks and also a cover of the old Scorpions song Robot Man! A video has been done to Man On The Wall and will be seen shortly on TV. High Crimes will be released on September 15 and tour dates in Europe are planned for this fall.
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