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John Macaluso, Don Chaffin, James LaBrie,Adrian Holtz, Mike Dimeo (vocals)
Alex Masi, Jack Frost, Marco Sfogli, Chris Caffrey, Robert Katrikh, Larry Meyer, Alex Rastopskin, Dimuti (guitar)
Alex Rastopskin, Randy Coven, Larry Meyer, Ze Gray (bass)
Marty Mallinger, Derrik Weiland, Vitalij Kuprij, Dimuti (keyboards)
John Macaluso (drums)
Produced by: John Macaluso
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
John Macaluso is one of rock music’s most regarded drummers with a resume that runs from ARK to Yngwie Malmsteen, with his world class drumming being found on some 200 releases to date. However, its only now that John Macaluso has delivered his own project entitled ‘John Macaluso & Union Radio – The Radio Waves Goodbye’ which displays his full versatility as a composer through a collection of 13 tracks that scream quality from start to finish. The music of ‘The Radio Waves Goodbye’ is best described as dark and moody yet is home to a feast of songs that vary in tempo. Obvious influences on the sound can be traced to Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Yet more significantly drawn from John’s travels around the world studying other cultures music and foreign rhythms. On the albums sound Macaluso states, “I put all these influences together to form the writing style. The music is moekeyboardheavy, than guitarbased and has a very airy, creepy sound with heavy and sometimes speedy drumming which is actually relaxing at certain high tempos. I is very cerebral from feel to sound”. The lyrical content is dark as well. There are stories told all real life but some told in almost fable ways. Subjects from struggle to Religion, universal, solar system, core of earth, relationships, anger, joy, drugs, fulfillment and emptiness”.
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