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MAGNUM - Escape From The Shadow Garden

US Release : STMH266202

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Bob Catley (vocals)
Tony Clarkin (guitar)
Mark Stanway (keyboards)
Al Barrow (bass, backing vocals)
Harry James (drums)
Produced by: Tony Clarkin
Engineered by: Sheena Sear
Mixed by : Sheena Sear
Mastered by: Sheena Sear
When guitarist and songwriter Tony Clarkin called time in the mid-90's it left a hole that was impossible to fill until, together with vocalist Bob Catley, the pair realised that Magnum had unfinished business and re-launched the band for the twenty first century. A succession of majestic albums has followed since then and ESCAPE FROM THE SHADOW GARDEN might just be the finest one yet. Right from the off this looks and feels like a Magnum classic, from the archetypal Rodney Matthews inked cover artwork to the windswept introduction provided by keyboardist Mark Stanway that ushers in ,"Live ´Til You Die". And from the moment Bob sings the opening line he can simply do no wrong; one of the most underrated vocalists of his generation Catley took his inspiration from the great singers of the 60's and has consistently proven himself worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as his heroes. ESCAPE FROM THE SHADOW GARDEN is yet another triumph from one of the UK's most beloved and cherished hard rock bands.
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