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MASQUERADE "In Disguise"

European Import : Sorcery - NEH20

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Tony Johansson (vocals)
Thomas Gison (guitar)
Henrik Lundberg (bass)
Marko Gronholm (drums)
Ulf Andersson (guitar)
Produced by: Masquerade
Engineered by: JK Knox, Patrik Tibell & Masquerade
Mixed by : Masquerade
Mastered by: tbd

Sweden's hardrock act Masquerade has just released a new CD entitled 'In Disguise'. 'In Disguise' contains 12 tracks of pure classic Masquerade which is very much in the vein of 'Intuition' era of TNT. Eight songs are from the era of their debut (1992) which will please every Scandi AOR fan with the addition of 4 heavier tracks.

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