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MELIDIAN - Lost In The Wild

European Import : Candy084

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Chris Cade (vocals)
Jayson Lane (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Pete Greene (bass)
Eddie Wohl (keyboards)
Dave Clark Howell (bass, backing vocals)
Produced by: Tim Trumbo, Chis Cade, Ron Bard, Thom Trumbo
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Noel Golden
Mastered by: Ted Jansen
Digitally Rem astered by: Jon Astley

"THE LATE 1980s provided an avalanche of melodic rock bands, a movement that fed off the poptastic cavorting of big-haired platinum rockers such as Slaughter, White Lion, Winger and Warrant. Naturally, every label in the world was on the lookout for their very own stars, resulting in an extraordinary amount of talent landing prized record deals.
Of course, lack of quality control meant that a fair amount of tosh hit the record racks, most of which was rightly dismissed by the public, but amongst the endless supply of also-rans were a number of classy melodic rock acts that really should have received far more attention and success. The lone Melidian album 'Lost In The Wild', originally released on CBS in 1989, was truly a peach of an album, yet it was one of those sadly lost amidst the throng of half baked records desperately vying for a slice of a market that was about to be engulfed by back-to-basics grunge and irritating college rock. Perhaps Melidian's educated musical roots were to blame - their sound was a triumphant mix of pompish keyboard driven AOR and muscular riffs, laced with razor sharp guitar riffs. Imagine a satisfying combination of Survivor, Bad English and Giant for an accurate approximation of their sound and you'll be half way to paradise.
Time, now, to reappraise a most satisfying, yet largely unheralded, album from this little known New York City five piece." This is a Special Limited Deluxe Collector's Edition - 1st Time On CD. It has been remastered with sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology by Jon Astley (the Who, Judas Priest, Eric Clapton etc). It is packaged with a 12 page full colour booklet - 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, memorabilia, rare photos and full involvement from the band

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