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Mike Howe (vocals)
Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar, keyboards)
Rick Van Zandt (guitar)
Steve Unger (bass, backing vocals)
Jeff Plate (drums)
Produced by: Kurt Vanderhoof
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Kurt Vanderhoof, Chris Collier
Mastered by: Kurt Vanderhoof
METAL CHURCH "XI" is the group's 11th studio release and marks the return of legendary vocalist and front-man Mike Howe! From the first guitar riff of album opener "Reset" through the driving outro of album closer "Suffer Fools," it is clear Metal Church is back and better than ever. "Needle And Suture" and "Soul Eating Machine" showcase the songwriting that made the early Mike Howe albums The Human Factor, Blessing In Disguise and Hanging In The Balance such fan favorites. Musical opuses "Signal Path" and "Sky Falls In" clock in at over 7-minutes each and put the musicianship that Metal Church was known for on full display in 2016. "Mike's voice sounds the same as it did two decades ago when we were writing "The Human Factor", and the band is about as tight as you can possibly get!" says guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof. Recorded in the spring and summer of 2015 at Kurdt's studio in Aberdeen, Washington, and co-produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier, Metal Church "XI" not only combines all the same musical elements that made the Mike Howe era albums so great, but also adds in a modern approach to the recording process which takes this offering to the next level!
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