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TONY MILLS - Streets Of Chance

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Tony Mills (vocals)
Pete Fry (guitar)
Tommy Denander (guitar)
Joel Hoekstra (bass)
Eric Ragno (keyboards)
Linda Mills (bass)
Toine Vanderlinden (bass)
Pete Newdeck (drums)
Neil Fraser (guitar)
Robby Boebel (guitar)
Produced by: Pete Newdeck
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Pete Newdeck
Mastered by: Harry Hess
Ex-SHY and TNT singer Tony Mills has his seventh solo album ready to go and it's finally a return to the classic melodic rock style with big hooks and choruses. Over the last couple of years he has released some different sounding albums more in the metal mould, but here's the real deal for lovers of the classic SHY sound. With contributions from Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger), Robby Böbel (Frontline),Tommy Denander and Neil Frazer (Ten) and songs written by Robby Böbel, Paul Sabu, Tom & James Martin (Vega) you can be sure to get something special. The feel of the album is often very Shy-like mainly because it's full of uncomplicated melody and songs that get into your head very easily. A pleasant return for Mr. Mills !
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