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MOONSHINE - Moonshine

US Release : PERR4892


Derek Davis (vocals)
Buzzy James (guitar)
Creg DeFalco (guitar)
Mike Malone (keyboards, harmonica)
Brian Fox (drums)
Michael Norton (bass)
Produced by: Moonshine, Mike Scott
Engineered by: Mike Scott
Mixed by : Moonshine, Mike Scott
Mastered by: tbd
Down by the levy, where you can still hear the "Mississippi Delta Blues" screaming through the black water swamps, there's a band named Moonshine. Southern Rock Blues is the music they play and they've burned many a mileon the "Devils Road." The longendless nights spent in dank motels and biker bars with only the comfort of "Warm Beer and Catfish Stew". Of this six-member band of wandering brothers, not one can be called a "Fortunate Son". And many a times they've played their "Last Song" in a hot tin-roofed juke-joint to a sweat soaked packed house. The crowd dancing and drinking a secret recipe of their very own corn whisky that some call "Mamas Kitchen Brew". It's "Southern Blood" that runs deep through the veins of these boys, and when they rip through one of their songs like "Turn Me Around", the blistering bottle-neck slide guitar, hellcat harmonica, piano, drums, bass and firey vocals all come together in a electrifying and powerhousesound of hi-octane fervor and colorful story telling. The blues has not, and will not ever "Fade Away" if this band has its say. So punch your ticket and take ride on "The American Train" and groove to the music of the band "Moonshine".
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