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MOTT THE HOOPLE  "Friends And Relatives"

U.S. Release : SPIT5093

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1. Sweet Jane (live)
2. Sucker (live)
3. Collision Course (live)
4. By Tonight (live)
5. One More Chance To Run (British Lions)
6. Hypnotised (Verden Allen)
7. All Across The Nile (Mick Ralphs)
8. The Sleeper Wakes (Morgan)
9. Only The Roses (John Fiddler)
10. Treat Yourself Right (Steve Hyams)
11. Harlem Shuffle (Doc Thomas Group)
12. We'll Silence You (The Silence)
13. The Rise All Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone And The Rats From Hull (The Rats)
1. Ready For Love (live)
2. Hymn For The Dudes (live)
3. Born Late '58 (live)
4. Storm (live)
5. Wild In The Streets (British Lion)
6. A New Way (Verden Allen)
7. Take This (Mick Ralphs)
8. Barefootin' (Doc Thomas Group)
9. See You Tomorrow (The Silence)
10. Walk The Line (Ray Majors)
11. Early In Spring (The Rats)
12. Caribbean Hate Song (Overend Watts)
13. One Of The Boys (live)
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