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MR. KITE "Box Of Fear"

European Import : LMC090

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Ale Wemmenund (vocals)
Anton Johansson (bass)
Jonas Diurfeldt (keyboards)
Magnus Kristensson (guitar)
Mats Bergentz (drums)
Produced by: Magnus Kristensson and Christer Hermodsson
Engineered by: Christer Hermodsson
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Jan Eliasson
Mister Kite are following up the very well received debut album "All in Time" with their new concept album "Box of Fear" on which they are taking their highly original style one step further. Mister Kite has a heavy modern metal sound that will please fans of different kinds of metal. The song writing is extremely sharp and the production is simply amazing.
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