NIGHTVISION - Nightvision

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Peter Högberg (vocals)
Stefan Fjellner (guitar)
Johan Petersson (bass)
Mikael Szemler (drums)
Mårten Sandén (keyboards)

Produced by: Stefan Fjellner
Engineered by: Ronny Max
Mixed by : Stefan Fjellner
Mastered by: Bernd Riebutsch
NIGHTVISION has been writing songs and rocked a lot of souls in local pubs and bars since the band's start in the early year of 2001. Peter Högberg on vocals is very much influenced by Ray Gillen-Badlands. Furthermore, one also notices influences of Zakk Wylde, John Bonham, Jon Lord and others. The members of Nightvision have also played in many different constellations of bands before NIGHTVISION, like rock-, pop-, blues and of course hard rock bands. NIGHTVISION delivers a mix of Pink Cream 69, Ozzy Osborne, Magnum and others. Songs like "Soldier of a dark land", "Enemy lines" and "Thin line between love 'n hate" are some of the heavy melodic songs on the forthcoming debut album. Thanks to H.B Andersson (singer in Fatal Smile, former vocalist of Token), MTM heard about these Swedish newcomers and got in touch with them. The yet untitled album will see the light of day soon.
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