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NO LOVE LOST - No Love Lost

European Import : KR050

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Scott Board (vocals)
Jason Staton (guitar, vocals)
Dan Fournier (guitar, vocals)
Scott Davis (bass, vocals)
Brian Azbell (drums, vocals)
Produced by: Brian Asbell
Engineered by: Brian Asbelle, Russell Kahle
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Jamie King
NO LOVE LOST Is a hard hitting 5 piece from the Carolinas that packs a punch with a top shelf frontman vocalist, that posses powerhouse vocals only few can deliver. With his old school David Coverdale mixed in with a Michael Sweet of Stryper influence, Scott Board will both impress people while leaving them wondering HOW does he do it? Of course great vocalist aside cant win over the listener, and trust us when we say that a bounty of catching anthems and fist pumping opuses are what are on the menu here. Essential for fans of Firehouse, Whitesnake, Winger and Stryper.
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