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NORDIC UNION - Nordic Union

European Import : FRCD719

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Ronnie Atkins (vocals)
Erik Martensson (guitar, bass, keyboards, backin vocals)
Magnus Ulfstedt (drums)
Produced by: Erik Martensson
Engineered by: Erik Martensson, Jacob Hansen, Jonas Haagensen
Mixed by : Erik Martensson
Mastered by: Erik Martensson

NORDIC UNION is the name behind the new musical collaboration between singer Ronnie Atkins of the legendary Danish Hard Rock institution PRETTY MAIDS and the up-and-coming Swedish songwriter and producer Erik Martensson of ECLIPSE and W.E.T. fame. The partnership between the two fellow Scandinavians worked well and together they have created some musical magic, which will truly impress the fans of these highly regarded musicians. These songs are guaranteed not to leave your head for a long time. Just have a listen to the gorgeous anthemic opener "The War Has Begun" and some killer melodic gems like "When Death Is Calling," "21 Guns" and "Hypocrisy" with great hooks and epic guitar riffs. "Wide Awake" can be described as a combination between pop and melodic rock with a modern production. There's really something for everyone here!Get ready to enjoy a great new album from a new sensational all Nordic musical alliance!

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