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NOVAK - Forever Endeavour

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Andreas Novak (vocals, guitar)
Daniel Flores (drums, keyboards, backing vocals)

Bass: Mathias Garnås, Johan Niemann, Andreas Olson, Anders Pirinen, Thomas Bristulf
Guitar solos: Tommy Denander, Benny Janson, Kristian Niemann, Johnny Öhlin, Daniel Palmqvist
Lead vocals: Martina Edoff on "Another Woman"

Produced by: Daniel Flores
Engineered by: Daniel Flores
Mixed by : Daniel Flores
Mastered by: Mats Lindfors
Inspired by the rock scene in the early 80´s, ten year old Andreas Novak picked up a guitar in 1981, and spent the rest of that decade listening and learnig from the contemporary rock bands. He appeared mainly as a guitar player in various local bands during the 80's, singing lead only when necessary. But at a time when the world was full of guitarists and the lack of competent lead singers was obvious, his choice to develop his singing skills came naturally - and new opportunities unfolded immediately. Studying at the Stockholm Music Conservatory in 1998, Andreas got in touch with Daniel Flores from the progressive act MIND'S EYE. Their first album "...Waiting For The Tide" went fairly well, and the second album "A Work Of Art" was released in 2002 and recieved great reviews worldwide. Andreas Novak has always been free lancing on the side of MIND'S EYE, and now felt the urge to widen his perspectives even more. After participating in the swedish TV-show "Fame Factory 2003", Daniel encouraged Andreas that it was time to make an album out of his solo ambitions. Daniel Flores - with his excellent songwriting, drumming and production skills - was the optimal partner for such a project. During summer of 2004, Daniel Flores and Andreas Novak worked out ideas for an entire album, and with the help from a few handpicked talented guest musicians and co-writers, the album "Forever Endeavour" is something for anybody who´s missing the highlight years of bands like Queen, Journey, Van Halen, Rainbow, Genesis or Def Leppard ... The album is a very nice broad melodic rock album with a balanced mix of both hard and soft material. The song "Save Me" has already been released in Sweden on a compilation "Fame Factory Vol. 7" that sold 16,000 copies in Sweden and the same song was pre-released on the latest MTM MUSIC Compilation Volume 10 which received enthusiastic feedback. One song feat. known swedish singer Martina Edoff on a duet.
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