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TED NUGENT - Weekend Warriors

European Import : Candy020 - Packaging: Jewel Case


1. Need You Bad
2. One Woman
3. I Got The Feelin
4. Tight Spots
5. Venom Soup
6. Smokescreen
7. Weekend Warriors
8. Crusin'
9. Good Friends And A Bottle Of Wine
10. Name Your Poison
Ted Nugent (vocals, guitar)
Charlie Huhn (guitar, vocals)
David Hull (bass)
John Sauter (bass)
Cliff Davies (drums)
Produced by: Lew Fetterman, Cliff Davies & Tom Werman
Engineered by: Steve Klein & Tim Geelan
Mixed by : Tim Geelan
Digitally Remastered by: Jon Astley
The album cover shot says it all; Nugent leaping over a stack of speakers brandishing a customised Gibson Byrdland guitar expertly fashioned into a double barrelled shotgun. As a statement of intent few front covers, apart from previous Nugent sleeves that is, convey the awesome shock & awe fire-power and explosive energy contained inside the packaging. Issued in 1978, hot on the heels of the ground breaking live album 'Double Live Gonzo!', Nugent was out to take few prisoners but plenty of scalps. Engaging a new backing band (including second guitarist/vocalist Charlie Huhn) and writing some of his best and most electrifying songs, he crafted a hard rock masterpiece featuring such all time classics as 'Tight Spots', 'Venom Soup' and 'Good Friends And A Bottle Of Wine', songs that fuse muscle with (meat) hooks and guitar solos to die for. 'Weekend Warriors' is an album that solidified Nugent's reputation as not only one of the world's greatest showmen but also one of the savviest songwriters around. Truly a hard rock classic.Packaged as a Special Collector's Edition in cardboard slip case with 12 page full colour booklet - Original and enhanced artwork with new photos, extensive memorabilia and new Interview with Ted Nugent.
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