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ONLY CHILD - Only Child + 3

European Import : ZR1997160

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Paul Sabu (vocals, guitar)
Murrill Maglio (bass)
Tommy Rude (keyboards)
Charles Esposito (drums)
Produced by: Paul Sabu
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: tbd
The self-titled debut album by Paul Sabu’s ONLY CHILD originally was released on Capitol Records in 1988. Written
in 9 months and recorded in only 3 weeks, ‘Only Child’ not only has received outstanding press feedback and charts
success at the time when it came out but later also was credited by Kerrang! Magazine as one of the top 40 best AOR
albums ever. Through the years, ‘Only Child’ went out of print and became a much sought after release which was
extremely hard to find. This remastered reissue includes 3 bonus tracks and is repackaged with special liner notes
by Rob Evan of Classic Rock AOR magazine.
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